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Presidental Election Recollections

  • Twelve years ago today I was a sophomore in high school. I remember wishing I could vote…my Dad and I would go out to dinner once a week to this Chinese place near our home while Mom was off doing something else. (I don’t remember what it was, sadly, maybe she can fill me in) It was great - I got to drive to/from the restaurant with my permit, practicing my driving through rain, sleet and snow. We’d sit there for hours talking about all kinds of things - I remember being energized about the election and asking my dad who he was gonna vote for…and being relieved at the choice he made.
  • Eight years ago today (give or take 3 days) I remember sleeping in like I often would do, with only the slightest concern for my timely arrival at work. I slept in, got dressed for work and voted on my way in. It had been 2 years since I had set foot in the high school - felt so akward walking in to vote with all these kids around me. I voted and proudly wore my sticker all day at work, even to the date I had that night.
  • Four years ago today (give or take 5 days) our day was just finishing up on the Wedding/Honeymoon cruise Briana and I took with the rest of my family. We had all voted absentee, since we’d be out of the country. Briana and I still hadn’t changed residence to Wisconsin, but I remember the dread I felt as I voted for what I thought was the last time as a Minnesotan resident. We went down to the large ballroom onboard the ship where the cruise company had thoughtfully setup a bunch of big screen TVs to show the coverage of the election results. Everyone knew the race was tight - but I don’t think we really thought it was going to be as tight as it was. We went down expecting to just spend a few minutes - instead we spent the next few hours down there watching the conflicting reports. The next day we turned on the TV in the stateroom to catch up on the results and found out just how big of a mess it had turned out to be. The cruise company replaced one of their channels on the closed circuit TVs with round-the-clock feeds of CNN in order to satiate the appetite for people on the cruise for their fixes on the recounts. Even with our return and all the distractions of closing on the new house, moving in, etc I still remember tuning in every day to get my recount updates.

What will it be like this year? We’ll soon know I guess.


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