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"I Voted" Contest

As mentioned previously, Wendy came up with a, um, “contest” which required you to go get an “I Voted” sticker and send it in for a chance at winning a prize. You don’t have to vote, of course, but you do need the sticker. (Anyone lame enough to want to cheat at this contest deserves the hit to their karma)

I had wanted to do something like this myself - but when I heard about the problems Michael Moore had when he offered college students a pair of clean underwear to go vote I ended up not doing it. But, Wendy came up with the idea of using the stickers, which I think is an acceptable way to get the reward across without running into problems with the law.

So, I’ve decided to up the ante a bit; I’ve contributed my own prize to the mix. So now there are two prizes up for grabs.

Go follow the instructions here to submit your photo. Good luck!


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