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Voting Today

I got a late start this morning, but still managed to make it to the polling location, my local firestation, by 9am. I’ve voted at this location for the past two years; this was the biggest turnout I’ve ever seen. (Which makes sense, of course, since this is the first presidential election I’ve participated in while in this precinct) The city, thinking ahead, covered all the “No Parking” signs along the main road. But the cars even spilled onto the side street.

Picture of Polling Place

I walked inside, expecting a long line, but found only a tiny little line. As I stood in the line to get my ballot (which didn’t take longer than 2 minutes) I noticed 3 people over at the registration table. All of them were younger looking; I’m sure from the looks of things this was the first time they had voted. After I got my ballot I listened to the instructions (I’m sure as bored as I am having to repeat the instructions the exact same way all day long is even worse!) and walked over to my “booth”.

Picture of me and my sticker After voting both sides of the ballot, I walked over to the optical scan machine, slid in my ballot, got my sticker and walked off.

Was in and out (including marking the ballot for some 20-odd judgeships) in under 15 minutes.


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