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I'm A Republican?

So, I laughed quite a bit earlier in the year when I got an “autographed” picture of the shrub and his wife in the mail unsolicited. It was a “gift” I was told, as a token of appreciation for my support of his campaign. Then, in the very next breath I was asked to donate money back to them as a pledge of support.

Now, consider that I do find some situations where I support Republicans. I supported Arnie Carlson for Minnesota Govenor years ago because I felt he was the best candidate, even tho he was running as a Republican. (Well, at the time, he was an “Independant Republican”, just like his challenger was a “Democratic Farmer/Labor” party candidate)

But in no way shape or form could I ever support Bush no matter who was running against him. I find his policies awful, his decision making lacking, his sense of morality flawed and his choice of bedfellows downright scary.

Anyone who “knows” me knows this. So I couldn’t help but chuckle that the letter was written as if I were Bush’s best friend.

I thought about sending the postage paid response back with a brick, but in the end just threw it away.

So, somehow I got sorted in some big database as being a Republican supporter. I’ve decided that it was just based on where I lived - an upscale luxery apartment complex in the western part of Bloomington.

But a curious thing happened over lunch today. My phone rang, I didn’t recognize the number so my rule is I don’t pick it up. I check the voice mail afterwards and low and behold it is some volunteer calling me to remind me to go out and vote for Bush/Cheney tomorrow.

I never give out my cell phone. If anything, my work number goes down on the slip so that I don’t get annoying telemarketers calling me.

And they called me by my name. So I know they aren’t just randomly calling.

Somehow, I got on a list of Republican supporters. They’ve got my name, my address and my unlisted, unshared cell phone number. How crazy is that? Do I tell ‘em next time they call, or do I just let them waste their money trying to contact me?

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The are getting your info from voter registration. That is what they told me when I asked how/why they were calling my unlisted number. We are hearing from both sides of multiple races though


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OK, I just got my second phone call today from the “Vote for Bush” folks. The previous call, mentioned here came from 651-785-6244. This most recent call came from 651-785-3082. They didn’t use my name this time…but how many tim... [Read More]
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