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Lund's Idea of Chicken Kiev

After the movie earlier tonight, I walked next door to Lunds Grocery Store and picked up some food stuffs for dinner. As I was walking by the meat counter, I noticed some prepared Chicken Kiev calling my name. I asked about the preparation requirements, since I knew it was already late and I was hungry. The staff person explained my buttery chicken pleasures were a mere 30 minutes away, so I picked up two.

I got home, prepared some roasted red potatoes and slid them in the oven. A few minutes later I added in the Chicken Kiev. I glanced at the ingredients listed on the label just out of curiosity and noticed cream cheese. “What’s cream cheese doing in Chicken Kiev?” I thought to myself as I set the assorted timers and returned to the laptop.

After 25 minutes, I went back to slide in my thermometer and set the timer. I noticed, along with the usual buttery runoff from the chicken there was this chive-infused cheese oozing out. Thinking they knew something I didn’t I went back to the couch, waiting for the temperature timer to go off.

I have to say, the cream cheese did serve to keep some of the buttery goodness in the chicken longer - but it gave a sour taste to the chicken upon consumption. I would have rather cut up the chicken, dredged it through the buttery spillage and enjoyed the tastes.

Next time I’ll just have to make it myself, the long way.


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