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The Vanilla Tootsie Roll Famine Returns

Went to Target to purchase another bunch of Vaniilla Tootsie Rolls.

They were all out.

I even asked one of the employees who was busy stocking the shelves with new candy treats. He explained they were all out, there had been a run on them when Tootsie Rolls went on sale, priced at 2 for $3, on Sunday.

So, here I am, treat-less.

And I would have paid full retail price.

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too funny that you posted this. i had the same thing happen and actually send a msg to the tootsie roll people about my disappointment in the vanilla tootsies disappearing from the shelves. luckily we did the same and bought 4 bags the first time we saw them but when we went back they were all gone and weren't getting restocked. =[

btw, forgot to mention that we also saw these at target and that i found your blog while searching google for "vanilla tootsie roll."


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