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Phrase of the Day

Today’s phrase is:

“You don’t have to like yourself completely - but you do need to love yourself completely, including the things you don’t like”

It seems like there is an overwhelming urge inside of us to think we must like everything we love. This just isn’t the case. We can love without obsession - we can love without being blind to the negatives. I may LOVE Buca’s but not the burping all the garlic causes me to do afterward. I LOVE myself, but I really don’t like the fact that I still weigh more than 300 pounds after two full seasons of biking.

It’s come up multiple times today…and I thought I should immortalize the phrase in an entry. Heed its advice, readers!

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Loving yourself completely means accepting that you are right where you need to be at this precise moment in time. Listen to the signals your body gives you, as ultimately it will decide its own ideal weight.

Oh, I'm comfortable with it, and I accept it.

I didn't bike to lose weight - I biked to feel better and get myself in better shape. (When I started waking up with my ankles aching and being winded after walking up two flights of stairs I knew it was time to take action)

But seeing the psychological milestone staring at me like that is just one of those things that sticks in your mind.


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