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Brave New Workshop: Electile Dysfunction

I finally got down to see the new political Brave New Workshop revue “Electile Dysfunction; or Two Johns, a Dick and a Bush”. I haven’t seen a show since the spring (which means I missed the Das Bootylicious revue) and went into this show expecting a great bunch of election and political satire.

While I will not say this is the worst show I’ve seen in the 8 years I’ve been going to BNW shows, this certainly wasn’t the best, either. The musical numbers seemed sloppy and unconnected to the rest of the show, whereas the jokes seemed to be less of the subtle satire the BNW usually presents and more of a one-liner festival.

Shanan Wexler and Katy McEwen carried the show on their shoulders. Shanan with her tremendous vocal talent led the entire cast in a wonderful “Schoolhouse Rock”-style song about the Electoral College, which was definitely the high mark of the evening for musical numbers. Meanwhile, Katy really hit the mark with her portrayal of a “Mr. Wizard”-type professor trying to create the model politician by using a combination of bacon bits and a Taser gun.

All in all, still worth the price of admission, but unlike some of their previous shows, I didn’t leave wanting to go back and see it again. I do look forward to the upcoming holiday show, “A Very IKEA Christmas”, which opens mid-November. I only hope this show was an exception, rather than a precursor of shows to come.


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