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LiveJournal Syndication

For the past 8 months or so I’ve been using LJCrossPost to syndicate my website into my existing LiveJournal account. It has worked very well, although it has its limitations. As I’ve been doing more and more with MovableType I’ve found the delays necessary for the RPC-XML send up to LiveJournal upon each page rebuild to cause timeouts and other errors. Not to mention the imperfect “backdating” functionality.

Tonight I resubscribed my LiveJournal account for 2 months to add a “syndication feed” to LiveJournal under the damon_durand account. In the near future I will disable LJCrossPost, which means my existing account will no longer be updated. If you want to continue to receive my entries on your friends page, you’ll need to add the damon_durand to your friends list.

My name is Damon Durand and I approve this message.


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LiveJournal Syndication from Damon's Daemon
As I warned in this previous entry, I have turned off the LJCrossPost plug-in which posted entries to my old LiveJournal account. I’ve now setup a syndicated feed on LiveJournal under the damon_durand account. If you want to continue to... [Read More]
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