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"Don't Vote" Part 2

In a previous entry, I talked about this curious sign which can be seen around the Twin Cities. The subject of the previous entry, as well as this picture, is taken at the intersection of Washington Ave and Lowry Ave, just north of downtown along Interstate 94. I’ve also seen other billboards with similar messages in downtown Minneapolis across from the Dome and in Saint Louis Park near Highway 169 along Highway 7.

I mentioned my fascination with these signs to my mom tonight, she referred me to a Star Tribune story from October 3rd, 2004. In the article, we do indeed find out these billboards are not sponsered by a political party or candidate. (Which would explain the absence of a “This Message Was Paid For By The Re-Elect So-And-So Committee) All will be revealed on October 11th, according to Lee Ann Muller of Clear Channel Communications, which owns the billboards.


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