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28 Things

  1. My name is Damon Curtis Durand; I’ve never had a nickname that stuck.
  2. I shamelessly stole the idea for this list from Jodi.
  3. I rode the short bus to early childhood education when I was younger, my bus driver’s name was Betty.
  4. A few years later, Ed Rimkus decided I was gifted.
  5. I plan on retiring from professional work when I’m 45 and becoming a K-2 teacher or a professor.
  6. According to the Social Security Administration, I’ve earned enough credits to qualify for benefits.
  7. Besides college classes in high school, I’ve never attended college full-time, nor been granted a degree.
  8. I will never stop learning.
  9. I collect cool toys.
  10. I buy hardcover books.
  11. I am close to my family.
  12. There is an intersection in Rochester, Minnesota which connects Damon Court with Durand Court.
  13. I’ve been to Canada, England, Wales, Netherlands, Germany (East and West), Austria, Switzerland, Iceland, and Saint Martin. All but the first and last country I went to, without my family, between the ages of 10 and 13.
  14. I’ve been to 35 of the 50 States.
  15. I’ve been married before. I look forward to getting married again.
  16. I consider kids the ultimate toy. I look forward to having some of my own after I complete item 15.
  17. I love trivia and puzzles.
  18. I have 6182 songs in my iTunes library, 652 of them which have been played more than once since October 26, 2003.
  19. I remember the name of every girl I’ve kissed.
  20. I’ve never smoked, never used illegal drugs, and never been drunk.
  21. I practice Just-In-Time™ laundry.
  22. Boxers.
  23. I rarely eat leftovers.
  24. The first trace of me on the Internet (according to Google Groups) was at 4:14am CST, November 13th, 1993.
  25. I’ve been in complete darkness 2400 ft below the surface of the Earth at the bottom of the Soudan Mine.
  26. I still get excited about checking the mail.
  27. I’m generally a very happy person.
  28. If there is a reason for me being here, I believe it is in order to leave the world in better shape than I found it upon arrival.


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