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Gettin' Grub with Grandpa

Met my Grandpa for dinner last night. We had a great time, as we always do.

When I was growing up my dad’s parents were like a second set of parents to my sister and I. (More on that on the family page when I get it done) My Grandpa’s always been a great adviser and a hero of mine.

I got to take Grandpa for a ride in Twinkie on our way to the restaurant. He had contributed funds to Twinkie’s restoration, so I wanted to show off that we finally had her running. Once we got to the restaurant (Uno’s) our discussions really began.

Now this is one of the greatest things about my relationship with my Grandpa. Ever since I can remember, my Grandpa and I have always had these great intellectual discussions. I vividly remember this as far back as junior high. I would go up and stay with my Grandparents in Grand Marias every summer for a few weeks - each day my Grandpa and I would walk into town to pick up groceries or perform some kind of chore while my Grandma stayed back at the cabin to get showered, dressed, etc. During our hour or so walkabout we’d discuss all kinds of things; politics, religion, math, puzzles, human nature, breadmaking, woodworking, fishing, personal histories, family history. You name it, we prbly said something about it. I learned a lot in those summers - I think my Grandpa did, too.

Fast forward to last night. Besides the old mainstay of politics, which often dominates our discussions, we touched a bit on religion as well. (Spurred by my reading of The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene) We’ve discussed this before - I knew my Grandpa and I had similar thoughts on the matter - but this time it was different. More substance about the “Why’s?” instead of concentrating on the “How’s?” Seemed like more of a philosophy discussion than anything else - but with the kind of reasoning two rational, analytical minds bring to the table.

While I’m sorry my Grandma isn’t alive anymore, I’m thankful that my Grandpa is still here and I can share meals like this with him.


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