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Welcome to the new design!

I’ve been playing with different designs over the past few weeks, finally decided on using a fixed width layout based on the one I found at Neil Turner’s site. I played with variable width sites, since I use an ultra-wide screen resolution things look goofy when they are pegged for an 800×600 screen, but since I also like using floats it presented a bunch of difficulties trying to get the CSS to render correctly. I figure most of the people I know browse my site at 800×600 or 1024×768, so I set the fixed width around 750. I apologize in advance to anyone browsing on a smaller screen - if you wanna help me convert the existing CSS to a dynamic width layout I’m open to it!

I ended up keeping most of it intact - just extended the design to include stuff specific to my site. Did change the links to dotted underlines…I used that in a previous non-MovableType site and thought I’d bring it back. Also gave a hint of blue to each entry - I think it is easier to scan through the page and read. I totally lucked out - my favorite color combination is blue and orange, Neil’s design already featured blue and orange! OfficeCam has also been changed a bit since the menu is now over on the right, which pushed the content down below. I think it looks better the new way, anyways!

Added a blogroll and a newsroll to the main index…the eggroll will be added at a later date. Also created a “Features” heading which allows me to add content which doesn’t really fit into the other sections. Found my old Beetle Page and put it up for some nostalgia. (Also, considering that every search engine on the planet seems to love trying to index that page it should give them something to scan from now on!)

Still need to fix the stylesheet for the Photo Album, so those of you pining for the previous design can go visit there for now. Also need to finish the Family and About Me pages, but didn’t think those needed to hold up the rest of the design going live.

Finally, in the pure Administrivia category, I added a Creative Commons License in place of the old generic copyright.

Hope everyone likes the new design, and once again thanks to Neil for the great base design!

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Curious User:

You may need to refresh your cache...for some people the stylesheet isn't reloading correctly. Forcing your browser to refresh should fix the problem.

Glad you like it! The dotted underlines and light blue background look quite good, actually.


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