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Playtime Diversions

Now that “the project” at work is coming to a close and Twinkie is running just fine, it looks like I’ll be able to return to having spare time on my hands again. Here’s a list of personal projects which have piled up over the past few months… which one to start first?

  • Restore order to the apartment
    It would be really awesome to be able to not only restore the dining room table to being used for its primary purpose instead of just holding boxes of junk on it, but then restore the kitchen to some kind of sanity so I could cook meals to enjoy on said dining room table.
  • Restore order to the iPod
    One of the unadvertised “gotchas” about converting your iPod over to manual sync is that you lose the ability to sort your playlists on metadata. I use this ability on a lot of my playlists, such as “Top Rated / Least Recently Listened” which lets me listen to songs in my library which I haven’t listened to in ages. Or sorting the “Purchased Music” playlist by “Date Added” which gives me a quick, direct way to bring up my most recently purchased tracks.
  • Finish loading said iPod
    I’ve got over 400 CDs last time I counted; I’ve only ripped about 200 of them onto the iPod. Missing some of my favorites, too. (This will more than likely require efforts to remedy the next item on the list)
  • Re-catalog all of my CDs
    Since the divorce, I haven’t had the opportunity, with all of my CDs in one place, to re-mate the CDs to their cases and see which ones I still have and which ones “went away”. Right now I’ve got literal piles of bare CDs and empty cases just waiting to be reunited.
  • Finish Gumby
    Gumby is the new server for Thingamabox.com hosting. Right now we’re running on servers which are builds from over 4 years ago. I’ve kept the FreeBSD OS on them current and patched, but running both of them (especially the Compaq Proliant 4500) keeps my electric bill sky-high since I’ve started hosting them out of my apartment. Gumby is a new server I picked up from work which has more than enough horsepower to eliminate both of the old servers AND it is much more energy efficient which will lower my electric bill considerably.
  • Catalog all of my books
    For the first time in 10 years all of my books are in the same place. I’d like to get them cataloged since I’m sure there are a few which I’ve purchased over the years which have slipped through the cracks and I never got around to reading.
  • Update my website
    I’ve been running MovableType 2.661 for a while now for not only laziness reasons by I wanted the 3.x series to mature, stabilize and for Six Apart to figure out the licensing system. I’ve noticed quite a few people upgrading to the 3.x series now; I’m thinking it is time to hop on the bandwagon. I’d really like to roll this out as a general content management system for all of the websites hosted on Thingamabox.com, since with the move back to one server security will need to be tightened down again. Besides technology, I’ve also got a bunch of content updates I’ve been meaning to do to make my website a bit more interesting, too…and attractive - I’m tired of the current color scheme.
  • Get in-apartment MP3 streaming working again
    Before the iPod, there was the Rio Receiver. While this wasn’t portable, it did allow me to listen to my MP3’s when and where I wanted inside the house. I miss being able to fall asleep to whatever music suits my fancy and mood. This project may necessitate the purchase of one of those new Airport Express boxes from Apple, since iTunes and iPod integration are so important to me now, but I have concerns about the remote control abilities in the product. (I’m used to being able to select songs at will from the comfort of my bed - the Airport Express is driven from iTunes, which is, up to now, nowhere near my bed)
  • Little fixes to change the apartment from good to great
    I’m fairly content with the apartment I’m in now - I’ve got a beautiful view of Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel in the forest behind me, plenty of room to live in and play in. But there are a few inadequacies with the apartment - the kitchen is too small, the second bathroom is more often than not filled with laundry and unusable as a bathroom and I’m tired of all the white and beige. What I’d like to do is:
    • Add some kind of external cabinet to store some of the least-used kitchen machines and clear off space on the kitchen work surfaces
    • Get some kind of rolling cart to help manage laundry a bit better and get it off the shower rods and countertops of the second bathroom
    • Paint the walls! I’ve also got some posters I’ve had in boxes for years…those should go up too, no?

Gosh. I knew I had really been putting things off while I was concentrating on the other two projects of the summer, but I didn’t realize the playlist had gotten so long!

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