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Twinkie Rebuild: Day 4

This entry has been backdated

Whoops! I forgot an update for Day 4. Here ya go (what I remember after a month!)

We started putting things back together on the new engine:

  • Replaced the rear oil seal (which is actually on the front, but I just confused people when I tried to order a replacement)
  • Put back on the manual transmission flywheel and starter gear
  • Mounted the intake manifold
  • Installed the carburetor
  • Attached all of the engine shrouds and the fan

At this point, the Muir book advised installing the rear engine support. Only problem - our engine came from a Beetle, which lacks said support. This meant the engine block we had did not have the correct mounts. This brought a halt to the effort until we could find the adapter. We finished up by cleaning things up and were a bit disappointed over the prospect that a solution may not be found and all the effort on the new engine would be for nothing.

After a day or so, I managed to find an adapter (who would have guessed they would make such a thing?!?!) at BusDepot.com. My dad placed the order for the adapter and some other miscellaneous parts.

Well, the next weekend arrives, but no parts. We get a shipping notification from them, but the adapter is the one part on backorder. After another round of communication, they come forward and disclose they can’t give an estimate for when the part will come in so they can fulfill the order.

Back to the drawing board…do some more looking online, nobody else has one. My dad calls up the local Dune Buggy Supply and while they believe they have the part, they are in the process of moving locations and cannot find the part to sell to us.

Two weeks go by; finally I give Dune Buggy Supply a call back. They have completed moving, the guy who answers the phone is sure they’ve got the part, so I take a break from work and drive up to their new location. I walk in; explain the part I need and about 5 minutes later the owner comes back in from the parts shed with the mounting adapter and the modified oil pump cover. $10 gets me the set!


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