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General Fitness Update

So, last week was a difficult one to bike, considering all of the activities going on. I managed to get my 16 miles in (two days of biking to/from work).

The really cool thing from last week, tho, has to be that I managed to make it up the Highwood hill all in one go. No stopping at the bottom to rest before the attempt, no stopping at the top once I made it. Last year I had managed to make it up without stopping by taking Telegraph Rd (which is a much easier incline) and then just finishing the top of the Highwood hill. It felt good to make it all the way up without stopping, another accomplishment!

I didn’t bike yesterday, but already this week I’ve racked up 22.75 miles. I rode into work normally (although even there I broke the 13 mph average speed I had been struggling with so far this season) and then took the long route home with an extra loop around Normandale Lake.

BTW, here’s the long route:

Long Bike Route Map

I also signed up for the ePHIT program through Medica, my health insurance provider. Not quite sure how well I like the site yet, but I’ll be giving it a try this week to see what kind of features it offers. Looking for some guidance for working on the upper body, since I’m a bit worried about being a bit unbalanced with all the working of the legs I’ve been doing.


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