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Finally, bike commuting!

Finally the weather has cleared up and the rest of the planets have aligned to allow me to commute to/from work for the first time today. Here’s the new route:

Bike Route Map

Even tho it is a tad bit longer than my old route and the roads are a bit busier, I think I’m going to like this route (necessitated by the construction of the new West Bush Lake Road bridge) a bit better. First, instead of two major hills you get a bunch of smaller ups and downs, which adds a bit of variety to the commute. Second, part of the commute goes around Lake Smetana. This morning I saw some bunnies, a squirrel and a bunch of birds. Wonderful way to start your morning.

Also, the absence of showering facilities at the new office wasn’t really a problem, either. I leave a bit early so I can make sure to do some cooldown laps around the parking lot, then when I get in I stay in my biking clothes for a bit longer than normal until I’ve “cooled down”, using some towels to aid in the perspiration removal. A bit of body spray and a fresh set of clothes finishes the cleanup. No comments from the coworkers today! Woo!


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