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For 6 years, you and the other people who share the Thingamabox servers have received free hosting, courtesy of first IAI (thanks Chris), then Paladin Investments (thanks Mike and Keith).

Due primarily to the sale of Paladin, we will need to find an alternate home for our servers.

After doing a lot of research, it appears that the most cost effective way to host the servers at a near T1 speed is over a DSL line out of my apartment. Mike has arranged for us to take the servers we are currently running on, which means that this will, initially, just be a move from one Internet provider to another.

This move is scheduled to occur Monday night, April 12th, beginning at 6pm CDT. Portions of the move have already been performed - the DSL line is installed and tested, DNS changes have already been put in place in order to facilitate as seamless of a move as possible. Since we are moving the physical servers, there will be downtime associated with the move - service should be restored by midnight. Arrangements to cache email have been made until the move can be completed, so Tuesday morning you should notice nothing different and no mail should be lost or bounced.

Once we complete the move, we're looking forward to being able to be even more flexible with the types of things we can offer. FrontPage extensions should return, easier access to update your websites through built-in Windows functionality, blogging software, hosted photo albums and an idea I'm kicking around about working out a way to provide unlimited email storage are just for starters.

All of this is not without cost - at the very least since we will now be paying for the Internet access instead of getting it for free. We haven't yet decided how we will cover these costs - we're certainly open to suggestions, tho.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me or call me. (Mike's busy enough as it is!) We will send out another status update after we've completed the move on Monday night.

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THANK YOU for all of your hard work on our behalf!!!


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