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Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day today!

Got to take the bike out for a spin this morning. Identified a bunch of stuff I wanna get at the Bikemania Sale at Erik the Bikeman, also need to get the bike in for a general tune-up. There are a bunch of squeeks that weren’t there last fall!

Hopefully will be able to bike commute to work tomorrow…I’m kinda bummed since we lost our shower in the move. I’m definitely open to any ideas as to the best way to continue to commute in the absence of showering facilities. I’ll try it tomorrow and see how it works showering before I leave for work. I’ve read that getting rid of all the germs beforehand makes the situation a bit more managable at the end of the ride. Should also be aided that it shouldn’t be more than 50 degrees tomorrow morning on the ride in, should keep me cool.


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