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Las Vegas 2004: Day 3

Got a late start today due to being so worn out after yesterday. Decided to make it an easy day, we ended up sleeping in and then heading over to the MGM Grand for the buffet. The buffet was everything I remember from my previous visit - yummy food, a good mix of fresh fruit, old buffet standbys and a few exotic dishes to mix it up a bit.

Afterwards, we stopped by the MGM Lion Habitat and watched the trainers play with the lions. The lions didn’t seem all that happy about playing with the trainers, but once the trainers got out the lions’ blue ball they played with that for a bit. After watching them and going to the obligatory gift shop, we continued over to the MGM Studiowalk. Thought we’d see something cool down at Television City, but alas, other than sitting through a test screening there wasn’t much to see.

After finding our way back to the car, we drove down the strip, headed towards the Las Vegas Outlet Center. Got ourselves a snack at the Great Cookie Company and shopped a bit. The outlet mall’s claim to fame is that one of the food court eateries, The Beanstalk, was featured in the background during a scene with Julie Roberts in The Mexican. Otherwise, the outlet mall was very similar to others I’ve seen around the country.

Once again, hop back in the car. Krista had O tickets for the 10pm performance, so we decided to head back to the hotel to rest up and allow her a chance to change clothes. We decided to have dinner after the show, since we had the buffet so late after sleeping in it seemed like the best plan. While Krista went to “O”, I took the time to go out and admire the Bellagio fountains.

At night, the shows run every 15 minutes, meaning that often you’d have only a few minutes between each show. I sat there for almost an hour, watching the water plumes wave back and forth, being lit up from beneath so it almost looked like a fountain of light. I’ve never seen anything which mixes power and beauty and majesty so perfectly. They’ve got to produce a DVD of these things someday, until they do, I urge anyone reading this to get to Las Vegas to see these things…

After watching the fountains, I walked up the strip all the way to the Mirage/Venetian. On the way I got an Oreo ice cream shake from Baskin-Robbins, sucked that down along with a Big Mac from the second-floor McDonalds on the strip. The night was beautiful, too, I was in shorts and it was just the perfect temperature.

Made my way back to the Bellagio to meet Krista at the end of the “O” performance. Popped $20 bucks into a slot machine while waiting for the end of the show, played for about 20 minutes. Once she got out, she shared her amazing stories of the show the rest of the night - it was just like I was there, she’s a great story teller. We ended up eating back at the Stratosphere at Lucky’s. I definitely wouldn’t suggest this place - granted it was 2am but the service was spotty, the food was yukky and while the prices were not quite as bad as room service, they were similar enough that I’m guessing this is the place where food service food comes from after-hours, too.

Off we went to bed, with the realization that we had a lot of things we still wanted to see the next day, which was the last “sightseeing” day of our trip!


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