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Las Vegas 2004: Day 2

Woke up this morning and plotted our course. Enjoyed the wonderfully designed shower…ahh!

Had breakfast at the Stratosphere’s buffet. As we walked up to the buffet, the chandelier was dripping water. We pointed this out to the hostess, she admitted that the suite above the buffet entrance had left their bathtub running and locked themselves out of their room! Bozos! Anyway, the buffet was pretty good, the custom omelette bar was kinda slick, too. Tons of fresh juices (serve you’re own, so no tipping necessary..woo!)

Then we were off to the Bellagio. We went through the Conservatory, all of the floral displays were very beautiful, huge swans made of ivy floating in the pools. Then we went outside, stopped to watch the fountains on the way over to Paris. I really enjoy those fountains, I should see if I can find a DVD of them or something. I could watch them for hours and hours. Maybe I’ll go see ‘em tomorrow night while Krista is at her O show.

So, then we walked across to Paris. I hadn’t seen this casino the last time I was in Las Vegas, this was a real treat. A half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower intersects the building, so when you walk out on the casino floor there are the legs of the tower coming through the ceiling down to the floor. We went to sign up for the tour, which included a trip up to the observation deck at the top of the tower. You could see quite a ways up and down the strip. The thing that struck me was how still the wind was that high. I’m only used to being that high in downtowns, and the few times I’ve been outside that high up it has been horribly windy. This was so peaceful.

After the tour, we went to a little ice cream shop, Lenôtre and got some ice cream for a snack. Yum! All sorts of fresh fruit toppings. Then we walked out, checked out the 2/3rd scale replica of the Arc D’Triomphe on our way down the strip towards The World of Coca-Cola and M&M World.

“The World of Coca-Cola” was somewhat disappointing. It was basically just one giant gift shop with a soda fountain. And the gift shop stuff has been so minimized, even since my last visit a year ago, that I don’t think I’d go back again. The “International” samples were pretty much the same as last time, too.

Then we walked across to “M&M World”. This, just like the Coca-Cola place, is one giant gift shop. But they’ve got quite a bit more to keep you interested, starting with the Colorworks display. Imagine 24 different colors of M&M’s, all ready to be purchased in bulk bags for your enjoyment. The standard colors are there, as are the colors which are only available certain times of the year. It was kinda cool to see all the colors, considering M&M’s current ad campaign where they’ve removed all the colors from the M&M’s you can get in the store. Speaking of which, I thought it a nice touch that they repainted the giant M&M’s on the outside of the store to go with the current campaign. We also checked out the 3-D, interactive movie on the third floor, “I Lost My M In Vegas” starring Red & Yellow. What a blast!

After that, we walked back down the strip towards the Bellagio/Paris, where the car was parked. On the way we stopped by the Harley-Davidson Cafe for dinner. They have a huge 2-story American flag made of painted chain, it was a neat backdrop for the rest of the Harley-Davidson paraphanalia adorning the restaurant. Good food, besides!

So, after returning to the car and resting our tired feet, we started driving back to the Stratosphere and call it a night. On the way back, realizing it was nighttime, it seemed the perfect time to check out the Fremont Street Experience, in the old downtown Las Vegas. They’ve got a huge screen which is built over the street, every half-hour they have a beautiful sound and light show. I hadn’t seen it the last time I visited, I’m sorry I didn’t. It was great. Between shows we walked up and down Fremont Street and stopped in at one of those places advertising 99¢ daquiris. Only we couldn’t find the 99¢ ones, so Krista volunteered to pick up a round in the souvenier containers…before she knew that it was a $20 round! They were good…but not quite THAT good!

So, we walked back to the car, sipping on our golden daquiris. Headed back to the hotel, completely spent. What a busy day!


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