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Google searches

One of the more entertaining (if not a little enlightening) things about hosting your own website is that you get to log all of the accesses to the site and then review the logs whenever you want. One of the things that browsers do is send a “Referrer” header along with the web requests. This usually shows the page a person is coming from when they click through a link to your page. In the case of a search engine, you often get to see the search terms people use in order to come across your pages.

I used to get lots of hits on my recipes. (This reminds me, I need to move those over to the new site format) I have a feeling, though, that many search engines are confusing me with a site containing recipes from the Damon’s Grill chain of restaurants, since many of the search engine hits are for simply, “Damons recipes”

A few other samples (which are a bit more targeted):

  • From Ask: “What is a non-reactive saucepan?”, “What’s in caesar salad dressing?”, “Do you have recipes for caesar salad?”, “How to make mashed potatoes with red potatoes”, “Recipes for roux sauces”
  • From Google: “Recipes for croutons”, “Damon’s dipping sauce recipes”, “Drippings Gravy”
  • From Altavista: “Caesar Salad”, “Brined Turkey”
  • Excite: “Scalloped corn recipes”

While my site gets a huge amount of hits from the term OfficeCam, I thought it interesting that someone searched on “Wizmo MN” through MSN and got to my OfficeCam page as well. Poor soul! Also feel sorry for the poor guy (I’m assuming) that came across the same OfficeCam page through Altavista by searching for “porn my remote cam”.

I get a curious amount of hits from various search engines for “Damon’s House of Color”. I have no idea why this is, or what Damon’s House of Color is all about! If someone out there comes across this entry and can fill me in, comment below!

Since I got my weblog up and running, I’ve become a primary source for information on the “Little Mermaid” voicemail message that was featured in this entry. I probably get about 10-15 hits a day from search engines using different terms related to the story.

I’ve also gotten hits from people interested in information on “Wickes mattresses” referenced in this entry on mattress shopping. I wonder if I changed anyone’s mind about shopping there…

You’d think with my lengthy bit about Superbowl ads that I’d get hits related to it. The funny thing is, the only search terms which have pointed in my direction are all related to the stupid “bud fart horse sled” ad. Something good to consider when I’m deciding what level I have to write to!

Finally, the good old obvious terms such as “Damon Durand homepage” and “Damon Durand” seem to lead people to me just fine. (Even though I know the RV place in Durand, WI, which shall remain nameless as to not bump them up in the Google pagerankings, continues to battle me for the first hit on Google for the search term “Damon Durand”)

I think the most entertaining search terms I’ve seen in the logs was someone from Smith College who searched for “My Damon”. I highly doubt I was who they were looking for, but I hope they found their Damon nonetheless!


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