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So, in preparation for the engine swap _(and return to service of Twinkie)_ I've been reading the "Volkswagen Bible" according to my dad, "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive : A Manual of Step-By-Step Procedures for the Complete Idiot":http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/156261343X/. This is, indeed, a great book. Reading it over the last week or so I've become a bit more comfortable with the tasks related to keeping an air-cooled Volkswagen running and moving. I understand what's going on inside the engine now. Like why setting the proper valve gap is important, how it relates to other things going on in the engine, how to identify when your gaps may need adjusting. I really should have read the book more closely when my dad first offered it to me - maybe I wouldn't have had Twinkie sitting in their driveway for the last two years. I'm guessing in the near future my dad and I will swap the engine and I'll have Twinkie back in my life again. *I can't wait!*


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