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Valentine's Day

Well, I'm on my own this Valentine's Day, but I got two *GREAT* gifts anyway, also got out some besides! First, Mel got me my very own pouch of "Jack Links Fully Cooked Ground Beef":http://www.jack-links.com/home.php. I couldn't believe my luck! She had first told me about Wal-Mart stocking this a few months ago, but whenever I'd go search for one for myself I always came up empty handed. I couldn't believe it when she handed it to me. It has now taken the honored position next to my can of "Armour Potted Meat":http://www.dialcorp.com/index.cfm?page_id=125 at work for all of my coworkers to marvel at in amazement! Fully cooked ground beef that has a shelf life of almost two years! That flying car must only be a few more years away at this point! Second, my parents picked me up a six pack of my favorite Creme Soda and Root Beer in the world, from "Northwoods":http://www.northwoodsbrewpub.com/ in Eau Claire, WI. I got hooked on this stuff way back when I was dating Nikki while she was going to school there, and I hadn't been back in years. My "dad":http://curtis.durandfamily.org travels quite a bit for his "business":http://www.eyespyfloors.com, and they knew how much I loved Northwood's stuff. *MMMMMmmmm!* I've been careful not to suck them down too quickly...but I already know I'll be wanting more before long. I saw two movies this weekend, too. _Big Fish_ This was a movie I was very eagerly anticipating...I was pleased with it overall. It definitely wasn't what I was expecting from the previews, which was a dark comedy of sorts. This was a story about life, coming to terms with a father you've written off on his death bed, trying to understand who he was and what he had done, learning to love him again. It caused me to experience almost every emotion, it was quite the rollercoaster, but it was all done to good effect. _Lost In Translation_ This was also a movie I was very eagerly anticipating, but I wasn't nearly as pleased as I was with _Big Fish_. This was more about a fading movie star's mid-life crisis and a woman's search for herself in a dead-end marriage. The two of them come together in a hotel in Japan, flirt, bond, and then go back to their separate lives. I thought the pacing was slow, but some of the content was good. The acting was superb, but I came away with the feeling that this was a film that went out of its way to be "artsy".


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