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Fine Line: Swindle Kings, Billy Johnson's Roadshow, The Nanas

One of my coworkers invited me to go with her to see the Swindle Kings, who's lead singer she knows through her boyfriend. The show was particularly good...a nice sound, a good mix of vocals and instruments. Reminds me a bit of Barenaked Ladies, which is one of my favorite bands, so it worked out really well. Plan on going to see them again. (Haven't listened to the CD yet, although it is on my new toy...more info to follow in another post) My coworker is disappointed by the quality of the CD, so I've been warned. The middle group I didn't really much care for, although I did do a little white-boy dancing to 'em. (I don't consider myself that poor of a dancer, unless I'm not really _into_ the performance, which is primarily the case in this instance) The female vocalist (why she wasn't on stage the whole time) was great...nice, smooth sound. The male lead wasn't my favorite, his stage presence wasn't all that great (although the beer bottle holster was a great accessory for him) and he kinda reminded me a bit too much of the lead singer of The Spin Doctors. They might have been clones! About halfway through the second act (on my way back from the white-boy dancin' show) I met an ex-coworker of mine and her friends, one of whom flew in all the way from Baltimore to see the third act. It was great to catch her up on things, I miss her at work often nowadays. So, the third act took the stage. The Nanas. I had checked 'em out before the show, kinda a folksy rock sound as well. Liked 'em so much I picked up two CDs of theirs on the way out (it was one for $15, two for $20!) Listened to them a little today (once again on my new toy) and liked what I heard. A fun time was had by all (save the woman hauled out dry-heaving with alcohol poisoning half-way through the third act)


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