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Superbowl Ads Wrap-up

So, once again, another Superbowl under our collective belts. I have to admit - I watched only little bits of the game. Instead, I told the Tivo to do the watching for me, then I merely skipped most of the game, watching the commercials one after another. I think this led to a slightly different experience, since you didn't really have time for the ads to sink in. So, which ads deserved mention in my book? * California Happy Cows / California Cheese: OK, so they are having all kinds of budget problems...state government is in crisis. I understand that these ads are probably produced by some kind of State Dairy Board or something, but I certainly know better than to believe that "California cows are happy" I can see why "PETA sued":http://www.peta.org/feat/caldairy/ trying to get this one removed for misleading advertising, and the judge said that the state is exempt from false-advertising laws! * Tostito's Groom Closet: This is one of those, "use a stereotype, trick people into falling for it then flip it on its head" commercials. Basically, the groomsmen are hidden in a closet, watching the game. Bride and her party burst in, looking pissed, then bridge settles down to watch game. This one is an odd one - while funny, in my family it is the women who are more into football and most sports than the guys. Still, pretty funny. * McDonald's Fabric Softner: This one you had no idea where it was going, then when it did come around, you're busy thinking, "Hrm, I DO love the smell of those breakfast biscuits!" I've often thought that for some of us, a breakfast bacon egg and cheese biscuit is just the thing to get us in the mood. * Cialis / Levitra: OK, I realize I'm not the target demographic. _(I assure you ladies out there; I'm *really not* in the target demographic!)_ But drugs ads are purposely ambigous, the FDA requires the drug company to be that way so that people have to go read the huge ads with lots of small print in magazines. So, when time is of the essence, you want to make an impact (that's what the Superbowl is for, right?) why am I forced to watch these ads? If you know what these products do, then you already know their names, more than likely. If you're like the majority of us, and have no idea, you're stuck reading between the lines and getting extremely confused! * Muppets Pizza Hut: OK, just when I thought Jessica Simpson was overexposed, she appears in the Pizza Hut ad, strategically appearing right before the coin toss, so people have plenty of time in their zombie-like easily-suggested state to call and order pizzas for halftime. Frogs don't like green peppers, I can assure you! And neither did I like this ad! * FedEx Alien CoWorker: I liked this one. I can imagine it will be a sitcom next year. * AOL Top Speed / American Choppers: I have a feeling this was one of the more perfect "campaigns" during the SuperBowl. I know the people in my life who still have AOL...and I know many of them watch American Choppers. The ads explained the new product, had a bit of humor to them, were true to the shows characters. All in all, very impressive. * Van Helsing: I don't like scary movies...but this one looks good enough that I may find someone who I can go with who won't mind describing to me what I missed when my eyes were shut! * Monster Senior / Junior Same Habits: I didn't think this one was really well done...but for some reason, it makes the list 'cause of all the ads I saw, this one stuck with me the most. * Pepsi RIAA Ad: This ad was supposed to be great. Introduce the iTunes promotion, give a little bit of education. Instead of expounding how great the iTunes experience is, why buying music through a trusted distributor saves you time by ensuring quality, it instead showed kids _(sources say that the RIAA forced Pepsi to use actual kids who had been ensnarled by the RIAA)_ after they had been caught, browbeaten and down. With words like CHARGED and ACCUSED flashed up on the screen. Do people realize that these kids were *never* charged with a crime? And none of them were ever accused of _downloading_ ...only making songs available or _uploading_. The law is unclear if downloading is even illegal! Yet if you listen to this ad, it isn't only illegal; you'll go to jail or something! _(Course, for all my ranting, I will probably buy Pepsi over the next few months in greater quantity so I can get some free iTunage)_ * Bud Light Romantic Horse Sled Farting / Candle / Rocket Sled: Very funny...who doesn't like fart jokes?!?! Wait...I already know the answer to this question. * Pepsi Breakup / Waitress Love: Those of you who know me, know I have this thing for food service workers. I think this one spoke to me directly! **laughs** * IBM Linux / Muhammad Ali: I know I was one of the targets of this ad...but I thought it was very well done. Very tasteful, thoughtful, polished. * Chevy New Car / Kid Soap in Mouth Ad: I want one of these vehicles! I don't care about the soap in the mouth, although it was enough to get my attention. * _MTV Halftime / Boob Showing: *STAGED*_ I went back and went over the episode in slow motion...from what I saw, it definitely looked like Justin was doing it on purpose. Now, certainly MTV may not have sanctioned it...'cause we all know they would have no need to cause scandal! * NFL / Tomorrow: "As of tomorrow, we're all undefeated again" I thought this was kinda a neat ad...sweet and funny. * Kid Kemps Ad _(Local, I believe)_: This was cute, introducing the new bottle by having the little kid making a consumer choice over the old bottle. Communicated the ease of handling the new design, brought in the kid thing. * CBS Golf Promo / Tongue Twisters: This was only a 10 second spot, but it was pretty funny. And I'm not even in the golf-watching-on-TV demographic. _(Certainly I've watched it once or twice, but only because I'm too lazy to switch channels!)_ * Bud Light Talking Monkey: Who doesn't like talking monkies?!?!? * Staples Supply Mafia: This was one of my favorites of the SuperBowl. You had no idea where this was going until the punch came around, and then you're laughing so hard 'cause you wish you could do the same thing! * Mall of America Steer/Cow Choice Ad _(Local, I believe)_: This one started off with a bull/steer walking through a pasture. He mosies around, looks generally bored, until he comes upon a huge herd of cows. The ad closes with, "More Choices, The Mall of America" Very funny, effective. * Dale Ernhardt, Jr Nextel Ad: Wide Receiver: While I didn't care for the lipstick one by Budweiser all that much, and considering I don't really care for NASCAR all that much, the NexTel ad was pretty funny. Watching the guys holding onto the car, trying to stop it/block it, then him doing doughnuts in the endzone as a celebration...VERY FUNNY. * Visa Simpsons Ad: Who doesn't like Homer? The way he talked back to the voiceover added to the already present humor. * Shards O' Glass: This was an ad done by Truth, the anti-smoking group. Basically, it showed this popsicle manufacturer talking about how "they realize the only safe way to enjoy their popsicles with glass in them is to not enjoy them at all" much like Phillip Morris and other tobacco companies put disclaimers all over their ads and produce anti-smoking ads. I thought it was humorous, polished, well done and communicated the message very well. * 7-up Slam Dunk Mobile: 7-up ads are always a hoot to watch, this one wasn't their best, but it still qualified for mention. * Jimi Hendrix Pepsi Accordian/Guitar: I thought this one was funny, but the product tie-in was questionable.

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Sally Javier:

I was disappointed with the godaddy.com advertisement. This wasn't a family show folks...It crossed the line. I will never go to the website or take information that refers to it.



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