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Days like this...

Wake up in pain, trip to the ER...least it wasn't anything serious from a medical standpoint. But from a emotional/mental standpoint...a visit to the ER really does a number on you. I brought one of my Dell Puzzle magazines along, but alas, it can only distract you for so much time. Being wheeled from department to department while the diagnosis is formed involves a lot of waiting around, and sadly, the puzzles cannot come with you on your travels. So, your mind begins to wander. If you've already been working on your physical body, you resolve to work harder so you don't end up there again. If you're already working on your mental and emotional body, you resolve to work harder so you don't end up there again, either. Physically, everyone who looked at my chart and saw my vitals were generally impressed. Some of the work last summer must have paid off - I am once again at my 120/80 blood pressure range. (My blood pressure had dangerously spiked a year ago after maintaining "normal" my whole life) 'course, they didn't weight me...I think the chart would have looked much different. So, like I said, this year I have resolved to enhance the success I had in biking last year by spending more time with upper-body chores. Similarly, from a mental and emotional perspective everyone who encountered me made comments about what a good sport I was, how pleasant I was to have as a patient, how happy I seemed, how much "Patience I had as a patient" _\*laughs\*_ But, I know the last year has been a rollercoaster in my mind and my heart, trying the relationships I have with others and ostracizing people who I held dear. I know what I need to do here, I just need to continue to work on these things so I can not only be happy again, but happy with myself, too. Finally...and this is just a passing thought. My heart goes out to the people who I shared the hospital with today...especially the code blue in 802, and the woman who was in the next ultrasound room over explaining, "My baby! That's my baby!" I know you're supposed to feel these things when you're in the hospital...you're supposed to feel a kinship with those around you, be grateful for what you're given, be grateful for what you're not. But what I truly hope is that regardless of reason, everyone who leaves the hospital will be another step closer to peace. _With themselves, with others and with the universe._

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Oh, and for those wondering about the outcome of my visit in a MEDICAL sense. Yes, I'll be just fine.

Now 100% better, thank you!


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