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Mattress Shopping

So, I continue to need a mattress...so I thought I would do a bit of exploring this afternoon so I could get a feel for what kind of price I'd have to budget for sometime over the next few months. Now, realize, I've been shopping for mattresses prbly five or six times since I first inherited this mattress from Briana. It has served me well, since I'm not really all that picky. (That statement will become VERY apparent as you continue to read this entry) Everyone else, even those who haven't even slept on it, consider it a lost cause. So, today, just like times in the past, I've gone from store to store, laying on mattress after mattress, trying to discern what makes someone pay $2500 for a mattress when the $700 feels just like it. Both have pillowtops, both have a large number of independant springs [not the same, mind you, but a lot] both seem to be just as supportive as the other. I still don't know. What I do know is, I found some very good mattresses, with pillowtops, in the $800 range for a king at both HOM and Wickes. I prefer HOM due to the buying experience - the beds are all lined up right next to each other, you can quickly go from laying on one to another, you can roll around to your heart's content since none of them have bedding. Wickes seems to think you have no imagination - they make half of every single bed they have on the showroom floor, leaving you only one side to lay on. To make matters worse, they then hide the price tags so that they are nearly impossible to find. Ugh! As for the bed frame, I found a really nice frame at HOM, also in the $800 range, called the "Copper Creek Blanket Bed":http://www.homfurniture.com/Pages/400/4-9904109.html . It is a nice bed, high off the ground, supports under the planks making up the supports for the mattress. Spires on each of the four corners capped with finials. Very nice look.


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