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Curiosities of the weekend

So, this weekend I heard two radio programs which caught my attention..."Studio 360":http://www.wnyc.org/studio360/ and "This American Life":http://www.thislife.org/
They caught my attention for entirely different reasons... On _Studio 360_ they had a bit about "Technicolor":http://www.technicolor.com/ in which they talked about the process, how special it was, how important color was to the movie patron when it was still new. Absolutely fascinating stuff...there was a _Color Advisory Service_ which would take scripts and create a "color score" for the movie. "Robert Harris":http://www.thedigitalbits.com/articles/robertharris/ was interviewed to talk about the process - he is a restorer of the Technicolor films. He has an article which includes an overview of the process at "http://www.thedigitalbits.com/articles/robertharris/harris072303.html":http://www.thedigitalbits.com/articles/robertharris/harris072303.html . Because Technicolor films were actually created with three separate black and white reels...then were composited together into the final print, there is virtually no degredation of Technicolor titles...they can be printed with as much vibrance and color as they were originally printed decades ago. On _This American Life_ they talked about "The Greatest Voicemail Message of All Time". Basically, the story goes, this guy going to school out at Columbia back in the 80s got this voicemail message left by his mom. The voicemail system had the ability to forward messages to others, eventually the voicemail message made its way around the entire school and was sampled into a 12 inch vinyl dance mix. The writer of the story called up the alumni association, got the names of a few people and called them up and verified that, indeed, this was some kind of memorable moment for virtually all surveyed. I wish I could find an audio sample of it...you can listen to it on RealAudio at "http://www.thislife.org/ra/203.ram":http://www.thislife.org/ra/203.ram around 49 minutes into the radio program. Alternatively, I've included the text below:
Hi Fred. You and the Little Mermaid can go fuck yourselves. I told you to stay near the phone. I can't find those books, you have other books here, it must be in LaHoya. Call me back, I'm not gonna stay up all night for you, Buh-byeee!
Fred Shultz explains the meaning behind the message...basically he asked his mom to look for an old school notebook for him, she agreed as long as he would sit by the phone while she looked and then called him back. He didn't wait. As for the Little Mermaid, diggy-do, his outgoing message ended, "Please leave a message for me and the Little Mermaid" It always amazes me to happen upon such great programs while I'm just sitting in my car...in some ways, I miss my long commutes, gave me a chance to get all caught up with news, politics, society as a whole.

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hi. i live somewhere in south florida... and i heard this message one day while driving in traffic on the local jazz station no one really listens to.. anyway, i happened to have gone through a toll with no change in the exact moment they announced who the story was by// so thanks to the internet i came across your Humor Archives in a search for "you and the little mermaid can go fuck yourselves." when i heard it again i went frantic making everyone i told the story too hear it... so i guess i just wanted to thank you for helping in my search...thanks for making my day!


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