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OfficeCam on MT

Kids! Do you know what OfficeCam looks like? Do you know what MovableType looks like? Well, now you get to see OfficeCam on MovableType (No frying pan included!)

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"Well, now you get to see OfficeCam on MovableType"

No, I don't! There's no OfficeCam there, just a gray box! Now I can't tell if you're not there or just too busy to pay attention to me...

It should work just fine. I'd suggest clearing your cache, closing down all the browser windows and then visiting the site again.

Remote OfficeCam isn't available right now, I need to do some patching and work a link somewhere on this page. This page uses a Java applet, so you'll need that installed in order to see the cam.


Dear Damon, I greatly enjoyed not going blind with all the orange assaulting my eyesight. *smile* Oh yeah, you're still hot.


So, why is it a terrible exciting OfficeCam?

Regardless of why, I must admit that I *do* find myself become excited when watching it -- how did you know???

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