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Update on life

Well, it has been almost 4 months since I've updated this. Wow, how time flies... To continue on the previous news item, I have successfully picked up a biking habit. As the summer has progressed, I've gone from forcing myself to bike 2 times a week to/from work to now where I crave biking as often as I can. Just in the last week alone I've put nearly 80 miles on my bike, biking 11 miles from work to the dealership to pick up my car last week, 17 miles from the dealership home (going a bit out of my way to stop by my grandpa's house) and then 15 miles this most recent Sunday just for fun! I've dropped about 4-5 inches around my waist from my peak, not dropping that many pounds, but I feel much better, which was the primary goal all along. As for the apartment...well, that's changing at the end of the month. The 865 sq ft I've got in my current apartment just didn't cut it afterall...so for only a few bucks more, I'm moving down the hall into this apartment. I look forward to rolling my ottoman down the hall...this should be the easiest move yet! Otherwise, life is good.


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